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A letter from our English language assistant

Sprachassistent 1

Hi all! A brief introduction to those of you who haven’t met me yet (or have chosen to already forget me!) – my name is Patrick, and I spent the past year working as the English language assistant here at the school. My year teaching in Vienna was split between the BFI HAK/HAS and the Rahlgasse Gymnasium.

It’s hard to pick a favourite because everyone has been so generous and friendly since the day I arrived back in October. But it has to be said that teaching at BFI in particular has been an incredible experience, and I’ve learned a lot. The topics that we covered in classes were so diverse, every day was something different. I learnt a lot about Viennese culture from the students and I always came away from lessons feeling like both they and I had learned something new. The students were all enthusiastic, curious, and eager to get involved; and the teaching staff were amazing. They were always ready to answer questions, give feedback and were a great support for me during the year. Despite all of the coronavirus restrictions and how hectic the year has been across the whole city, they never let me feel left out or out of place.

I will miss lots of things about Austria – and Vienna especially, but I am leaving with very fond memories. A huge thank you to all the people I met here and all of you that I had the pleasure of working with. I’m looking forward to coming back one day soon!

Mit den freundlichsten Grüßen,


Beitrag verfasst von Sprachassistent Patrick