3AS & 3CS Dublin Trip in Hashtags

Day 1, February 14

#firsttimeflying #excited #aerlingus #bumpyflight #cityofdublin #transfertohostfamilies #meetandgreet #dublinsouth #happyvalentinesday #chitchattingwithhostfamilies

Day 2, February 15

#doubledeckerbus #findingthewaytoschool #firstdayschool #warmwelcome #apollolanguagecentre #placementtests #orientationtourofdublincitycentre #ststephensgreen #thespire #oscarwildestatue #universityofdublin #trinitycollege #mollymalonestatue #templebar #milleniumbridge #epicemigrationmuseum #greyhoundrace #angelisaandlenzi #gambling #verylongday #tired

Day 3, February 16

#longbusridetoschool #englishlessons #irishdanceclass #dancing #singingfolksongs #clapping #fun #freetime #strollingthroughthecity #shopping #graftonstreet #oconnellstreet #teagarden

Day 4, February 17

#dayoff #triptohowth #dartdublin #seagulls #lighthouse #harbour #seaside #beautifulweather #bluesky #hiking #picturesque

Day 5, February 18

#2hourbusride #belfast #northernireland #greatbritain #nobordercontrol #titanicexperience #rainyweather #graffities #freedomwall

Day 6, February 19

#school #freetime #shoppingsouvenirs #funwithfriends #chinesekaraoke #horriblesound #singing #turkishdance #ripoffbutstillfun

Day 7, February 20

#lastenglishlessons #languagecertificates #vikingsplashtour #amphibiousvehicle #riverliffey #wearingvikinghelmets #roaringlikevikings #barkinglikedogs #U2recordingstudio #citytrip #freezingcold #hotorcoldshowersathostfamilies #packing

Day 8, February 21

#farewelldublin #earlyflight #4am #tired #backhometovienna #welovedireland #awesometrip


Personal highlights of some students:

I will never ever forget this week, the first feelings, the adventures and the lot of fun we had there. I‘m so glad that I went to Dublin, also I‘m very thankful to our school for making this real. I would advise all other classes to go on this trip, it‘s more than just worth! (Aleksander Jovanović, 3cs)

I really liked the trip to Dublin because I think Dublin is an interesting and beautiful city. The people are very friendly and the attractions and museums are worth seeing. My favourite excursion was to Howth, there was a great view of the sea. (Milica Sekulic, 3cs)

My highlight was the day in Howth, because it was very beautiful and peaceful there. The view was amazing, and we took a lot of pictures. (Viktoria Djordjević, 3as)

We had a great time in Ireland with our teachers. We stayed at host families and they were very polite and respectful to us. Our trip to Belfast was amazing, but it was very expensive in Belfast. At school we really enjoyed learning, the teachers were very polite to us and we even played games. We had a lot of fun in Dublin. In the future I would like to book a holiday to Dublin with my family. (Cagatay Ulusoy, 3cs)

My highlight was the Irish Dance Class because we learnt something new. We sang Irish folk songs, tried to follow the steps of our dance instructors and had a lot of fun. (Adelisa Ahmetović, 3as)

To visit a country I’ve never been before and what is not resemble to Austria at all made a difference to me. Howth was a nice place to relax and Belfast too. I found Irish Dance very interesting and the dancer was very awesome. (Furkan Ekinci, 3cs)

My highlight was Howth. I have never been to the seaside before and the view was breath-taking. Hiking around the hills in Howth was exciting, so I enjoyed this day trip a lot. (Dennis Zhu, 3as)

I have learnt a lot about the city and culture of Dublin. The people there are very friendly and helpful. The host family was very nice to us. The excursions were interesting and fun. We visited the Greyhound Racing and did the Vikings Splash Tour. If I have a chance in the future to go to Ireland I will definitely go again. (Mileva Weinmann, 3cs)

In Dublin it was very nice, but the weather was not very good, it was windy and cold. Our host family was very friendly, and there were two other students from Italy. In Dublin we visited the EPIC Emigration museum nd got to see a greyhound race. We even learned the Irish dance. One evening, we had a karaoke night. It was very nice and I had a lot of fun. (Seyma Sahin, 3cs)

I had three highlights. One of them was hiking in Howth since I like hiking, and the landscape was very beautiful. The second highlight was the Greyhound Race, because the atmosphere was cool, and betting was exciting. My third highlight was the karaoke, even though the sound was horrible, we had a lot of fun singing together. (Mehmed Sisić, 3as)

I think we had a very nice time in Dublin. We were there in an English school which I personally liked very much. Not only school, all the time what we spent there - the activities with the teachers, our free time, and so on, it was very nice. (Ali Cetin, 3cs)

My highlight was the Viking Splash Tour. It was awesome, I loved it. We rode an amphibious vehicle through the city and on the Liffey and were asked to roar like Vikings in order to scare pedestrians. It was the best day of our whole trip. (Milos Janković, 3as)

In Dublin the people were very friendly and helpful. Our host family was so sweet and sympathetic. The city was very interesting and beautiful. We also went to school to learn English and our teachers were very funny. Our trip to Belfast was amazing and we had a lot of fun. We were with our teachers in a karaoke bar. It was a good time, but the weather was very cold. I recommend visiting Dublin. (Fatma Basdogan, 3cs)

My highlight was Howth, because it was my first time at the seaside. Besides, the flight to Dublin was a highlight for me as well, it was very exciting. (Melisa Jakupović, 3as)

Dublin is a nice place for a trip. We stayed at the host family, my host family was very polite and friendly to me. We had to go to school from 8.45 to 13.00, we learned lot of things. We also went to Belfast, there was a very big street and we could go shopping. What I don`t like were, Dublin is very expensive and it was too short. (Büsra Emiroglu, 3cs)

3AS & 3CS Dublin Trip in Hashtags
3AS & 3CS Dublin Trip in Hashtags
3AS & 3CS Dublin Trip in Hashtags
3AS & 3CS Dublin Trip in Hashtags
3AS & 3CS Dublin Trip in Hashtags
3AS & 3CS Dublin Trip in Hashtags